REBEL DECK - The Oracle with Attitude, Unfiltered Oracle Cards, Not Your Typical Positivity Cards De


❤️ Get Enlightening Advice - Not the typical tarot card deck, these oracle cards
feature unfiltered and motivating messages that anyone can read easily.
❤️ Get a good laugh while enjoying “me” time or while bonding with friends and
Loved ones.
❤️ Modern Oracle Card Deck - sets the Rebel Positivity Cards Deck apart from
typical oracle readings.
❤️ Pick a card whenever loved ones need practical, un-sugarcoated advice.
❤️ Positive Affirmation Deck with a Twist - Need a quick way to help get out of a
❤️ An oracle deck like no other, it is for anyone in need of some tough love.
❤️ One-of-a-Kind Self-Care Oracle Cards - The encouragement you get from our
oracle card deck is direct but definitely eye-opening. Give these funny gifts with
attitude to yourself or your friends and loved ones on any occasion.
❤️“Roast in a Box” - Each card in our deck is made from 330gsm premium black core
card stock and coated with aqueous.
❤️ So, shuffle easily and smoothly every time. Experience some funny yet
enlightening moments anytime, anywhere.